The COVID Challenge

Due to the nationwide lockdown, we were forced to temporarily close down our workshops conducted in elementary and secondary schools. This provided a great opportunity for our team to try out our video tutorials in the form of online workshops.

In September 2020, we took the next step in product development with the launch of the Yakovlev YAK-3 online classroom in response to COVID-19.

This online classroom is already being used by many children in Slovenia. The product (APP) was very well received in the testing phase and is constantly being upgraded. The classroom, suitable for children over nine, serves as a modern and unique method of teaching plastic modeling by combining our Back to Basics video tutorials with interactive online support from our experienced instructors. Video:

Benefits of online workshops

Our online workshops are available anytime, anywhere, allowing our customers to join in whenever and wherever they want from the safety and comfort of their homes. All you need is internet access and you are ready to go. This freedom allows for an overall more enjoyable, flexible experience.

Customers can progress at their own pace. Everyone needs a different amount of time to absorb and process information, therefore face-to-face training is unlikely to be the ideal solution for everyone

Online courses are always up-to-date. They are constantly revised to ensure that every user receives the most recent and accurate tutorials possible. We also continually upgrade our existing content, share tips and introduce new products through our online platform.

No matter how many participants we have, online training courses deliver the exact same content to everyone. There is no such thing as a bad teaching day with online tutorials, allowing all participants to experience the same quality of education.

We get feedback. After completing an online course, we receive immediate results and feedback on the quality of our service. Our interactive online courses will then be tailored further based on this feedback

Recently we have expanded the classroom with a new tutorial: Messerschmitt BF109 F-2: