Summer workshops camp (June 2023)

A few months ago we developed a new Back to Basics Workshop called Chibis Diorama. The basic idea was to create a workshop for the youngest (aged 7+) in which children would learn about coloring figures and have fun doing it. We used figurines developed by Scale 75. All parts of the diorama base are made of recycled materials. We organized a first 3-hour workshop at Moson Show 2023 in Hungary. The second we organized at Festival SVM 2023 in Slovenia. The third 3-hour workshop we organized in Italy, XII Trofeo San Giusto. After three successful workshops, we decided to make it multiple days at Summer Workshops Camp from 25.6 to 30.6.2023. 28 children participated in the Summer Workshop Camp.


Next Summer workshops camp we will have next month in August 2023 (20.8 to 25.8.2023).