We made a big step in our journey!

We made a big step in our journey! The main goal of the Back to Basics project is to help set up new workshops in a different communities (clubs) around the world.

Last Tuesday (20.10.2022), we began teaching new mentors (SVM Club members) our Back to Basics teaching method to help them to set up new workshops for kids in primary and secondary schools.

Mr. Aleš Vovk, president of the SVM scale modeling club and Bine Logar, Back to Basics CEO, both signed the partnership certificate joining Back to Basics and SVM together with the aim of popularizing the hobby in a new, innovative way.

In the coming weeks, we will carry out a BTB workshop with a group of children and learn how to both work with younger participants and educate new SVM club members.

We have to go back – Back to Basics – to go forward in an innovative way.