MODELFGEST ŠUMPERK, Scale model cup, Czech Republic


The Back to Basics team was at MODELFEST ŠUMPERK 2023, Scale model cup in Šumperk, Czech Republic on October  8th. We organized a Back to Basics Workshop for local kids with help of Model club members from Šumperk . All participants made a plastic model of Messerchmitt BF 109 F2 (Revell 03893). The main goal of the Back to Basics project is to inspire young people to take the first steps in our beautiful hobby!



Photos: Ján Moravčík, EastModels, Milan Hrestak (Back to Basics).

At the show Mr. Marek Zindulka, president of the Model Club Šumperk from Czech Repblic and Mr. Bine Logar, Back to Basics CEO, both signed the partnership certificate joining Back to Basics and Model Club Šumperk together with the aim of popularizing the hobby in a new, innovative way.



The next Back to Basics Workshops for kids will be at Scale Model Challenge, 14-15 October in the Netherlands.