Is a simple and easy to follow video guide intended to help any modeler with their first steps in plastic modeling. The Back to Basics (BTB) video explains how much time is required to build the model and is divided into logical steps. This sequence of steps schematically illustrates the entire process of a model build without the use of sound. The method has been thoroughly tested and fine-tuned over the course of numerous workshops.

Back to Basics tutorial allows you to follow each step in a very easy and intuitive manner, without text and sound, by using a simple icon based code that displays what to do on each step. Timeline at the side or bottom of the display constantly indicates which step of the construction process you are currently on. The video tutorial covers all the steps from start to finish.

BTB tutorial explained (Messerschmitt Bf 109 F2, Revell 03893)

In BTB tutorial we go through logical steps: start, coloring, gluing, assembling, applying decals and finish. The video tutorial covers all the steps from start to finish. Short clip of Video:


In this tutorial we use icons (paintbrush, knife, glue, decal) and parts of the manufacturer’s user manual to indicate different steps of the build. We start off by showing the total build time – 180 minutes in this case. The first step is painting, which takes 90 minutes. After we paint all the different parts of the model, it’s time for assembly, which takes 60 minutes. The last and shortest step is applying the decals, which should only take 30 minutes.


Paintbrush Icon

Our BTB tutorials always clearly illustrate which parts need to be painted. To make the project fun for a wide audience and also suitable for beginners, we use basic colors and equipment only.

Knife Icon

The Back to Basics method we developed follows a unique plan – all the model kit components are painted while still attached to the frame. After painting, you cut out the individual components and proceed with the assembly.

Glue Icon

The glue icon indicates that parts need to be glued together. The visual instructions nicely highlight which parts are next.

Decals Icon (Marking Options)

The marking options are the final part of the build. The tutorial follows simple steps that schematically illustrate how to apply the decals.

Using our Back to Basics tutorial, every modeler will easily understand the different processes used to create a nice scale representation of historical craft and expertise.

Another example of BTB video tutorial: Yakovlev Yak-3 (Revell 03894)