Back to Basics was a proud sponsor of the 15th International Scale Model Festival, SVM 2023 (13.5.2023)

We were proud sponsors of the 15th SVM Festival, which was organized on May 13, 2023, in the Park of Military History (Pivka Slovenia) by Club SVM. The event with 521 plastic models, 169 competitors from 11 states, and 1000+ visitors was the biggest event in Slovenia so far. We organized five Back to Basics workshops with the help of our experts:

  • Luka Jančič: BTB workshop for kids.
  • Grega Križman: Everything about decals.
  • Boštjan Rener: Making a pine tree for a diorama 
  • Matej Grofelnik: Polishing of the model carbody
  • Erik Kalinski: Weathering H0 scale trains


Photos by: Matej Grofelnik

A short clip about the 15th SVM Festival at Park of Military History, Pivka/Slovenia: